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Veritas General Insurance Plc (VGI) is a General Insurance Company providing short term (non- life) insurance solutions of up to a maximum of one year.

The growth of the economy has resulted in the increase of both personal and business assets, which in turn results in the rise in related risks associated with loss and damage. This is exacerbated by the fact that the Zambian market is highly uninsured meaning losses of, or damage to goods that can often not be salvaged.

It is against this background that (VGI) entered the market focused on serving the previously underserved sectors in the economy; the
personal, NGO’s, micro, small and medium scale sectors (MSME). With the Organisation being partly owned by the Catholic Church, of which has also formed part of our target clientele.


Our mission is to secure the future of our customers with integrity and professionalism while delivering value to our stake holders through sustained growth and innovation.


To be the most reliable insurance company that protects what people value the most.